Arthur Edward Anderson Biography

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Arthur Edward Anderson was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 5th February 1904, the son of Richard Joseph and Mary Anderson.


He was educated in Halifax and at the age of 18 joined the Canadian Air Board, civil operations branch at Eastern Passage. (Now known as CFB Shearwater). In 1923 he was transferred to the Canadian Air Force, later designated the Royal Canadian Air Force, and was posted to RCAF Station Camp Borden, Ontario, as an engine mechanic. He was at Camp Borden for two years before being posted to Camp Ottawa, where he was promoted to the rank of Corporal.


It was at this time in 1927 that he was detailed to accompany Flying officer CD Bath to the United States, on a training course in aerial spraying at Talullah, louisiana, and to Bristol, Pennsylvania, for instruction and experience on the Keystone Puffer which were being purchased by the Royal Canadian Air Force for aerial dusting experiments.


He served in this capacity until 1931 when he received a posting to Station Winnipeg, then to Port Fitzgerald and finally back to Camp Borden, where he was promoted to Sergent and then to Flight Sergent and served until obtaining his discharge in late 1932.


“Andy” as he was usually called, returned to Halifax and took a job at the “Old Halifax Airport” asd an aero-engine mechanic. He then joined the Irving Oil Company where he spent approximately seven years before joining the Royal Canadian Engineers in 1940, serving to the end of the war. On discharge Andy moved to Montreal where he worked with the Shell Oil Co. for 17 years before taking his pension. He then returned to Halifax, “his home town” where he lived until his death on 29th December 1989, at the age of 85.

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