AVCO Lycoming 0-320-E2A Engine

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The AVCO Lycoming is a very common, typical modern airplane engine. It is seen powering planes like the Piper Cherokee and Pitt’s Specials.

AVCO Lycoming Engine


This engine is very reliable. There are two spark plugs per cylinder, connected to two separate ignition systems, improving safety and performance. The carburetor is found mounted on the bottom the engine. Magnetos are located on the back. At the front, the alternator can be found, along with an oil cooler.

This engine is also very powerful. The Lycoming is an air-cooled 320 cubic inch, four cylinder engine, with 150 horse power (at 2570 RPM). It weighs 250 pounds.

The Lycoming engine could run for 2000 hours before over-haul. That means you could go 200 000 miles at 100 mph. This could be part of the reason why this engine is used in over half of the general aviation fleet flying today.

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