AVRO Orenda 17 Jet Engine

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The Avro Canada TR.5 Orenda was the first production jet engine from Avro Canada’s Gas Turbine Division. Similar to other early jet engines in design, like the Rolls-Royce Avon or General Electric J47, the Orenda nevertheless outperformed its rivals in most ways, and the Orenda-powered Canadair Sabres were among the fastest of all first generation jet fighters. Over 4,000 Orendas of various marks were delivered during the 1950s, Avro’s greatest engine success.


The Orenda design started in the summer of 1946 when the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) placed an order with Avro Canada for a new night/all-weather fighter. To power the design, Avro decided to build their own engines. Avro had recently purchased Turbo Research, a former crown corporation set up in Leaside, Toronto, to develop jet engines.


  • Orenda 1 – original prototype models, 6,000 lbf (27 kN)
  • Orenda 2 – first production model
  • Orenda 8 – improved reliability, 6,000 lbf (27 kN)
  • Orenda 9 – improved thrust, 6,500 lbf (29 kN), required some changes to the nacelles
  • Orenda 10 – Orenda 9 adapted for the Sabre
  • Orenda 11 – main production version for the CF-100, 7,400 lbf (33 kN)
  • Orenda 14 – similar to the 11, 7,275 lbf (32.36 kN), used on both the CF-100 and Sabre
  • Orenda 17 – combined the compressor from the 9 with the turbine of the 11, along with an afterburner 8,490 lbf (37.8 kN) wet
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