CRV-7 Rocket

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The CRV-7 unguided rocket is a Canadian designed and built weapon that is now being exported to such countries as Great Briton and the United States. The CRV-7 was designed by Bristol Aerospace in Winnipeg. The weapon was a great improvement over older unguided rockets. It has a greater range, and higher explosive warhead. The CRV-7 was first introduced with the CF-104. However, it has also been fitted to the CF-5, Tracker and CF-18.


In fact the first time the CRV-7 was used on some NATO ranges in Europe, the controllers accused the Canadians of shooting live rocket rounds instead of training rounds. The weapon was so much more potent then controllers were use to even in the training form. The CRV- 7 is a spectacular weapon to see fired, making lots of smoke and fire.

The Museum’s CRV-7 is a dummy concrete training round. As well, our CF-104 Starfighter is equipt with 2 pods of CRV-7’s under the wings. These too, are dummy rounds.

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