Menasco Super Pirate Model D4 Engine

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The Menasco Super Pirate engine was built in the United States by the Menasco Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, California.  During the manufacture of the Tiger Moth by de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. (1937 – 1945), engines for the machines were made in Britain and concern was felt about their continuing supply under wartime conditions, therefore, Menasco was licensed to build a version of the successful Pirate engine.

A total of 136 Tiger Moths were produced powered by the Menasco Pirate D4. (c/n 1001-1136, RCAF serials 4810-4945). As it had a generator attachment, 10 were designed D.H. 82C4 Menasco Moth II and used as wireless trainers while the remaining 126 machines were designated D.H. 82C2 Menasco Moth I as standard trainers.

The Tiger Moth and Menasco Moths were identical in appearance except that the engine cooling air inlet was on the right on the Menasco and in the left on the Tiger Moth and they had opposite – handed propellers

Display: Engine No. 4142, RCAF No.18220


Model – D4
Type – 4 cylinders, inverted in – line, air cooled, direct drive, 4 – cycle, Approved Type Certificate No. 67
Construction – 2 – piece aluminum alloy crank case. Cylinders with steel barrels and aluminum alloy     heads. 1 inlet valve and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder actuated by push rods. 4 – throw 1 piece crankshaft supported in 6 plain bearings.
Carburation – 1 Bendix Stromberg NA-R5 updraft carburation.
Ignition – 2 Bendix Scintilla SF4R-9 magnetos.  2 spark plugs per cylinder.
Lubrication – Pressure feed, 40-50 lb./ (2.8 – 3.5 kg/cm2).
Starter – Eclipse E-80 electric starter.

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