Sea Sparrow Missile

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The Sea Sparrow is a development of the airborne AIM-7 Sparrow family of missiles. The Sea Sparrow family has been optimized for intermediate ranged anti aircraft defense.  It is currently in service with the Royal Canadian Navy on the City Class Frigates. The Sea Sparrow first entered service with the United States Navy in 1977 and joined the Canadian Fleet in 1980. It also serves with several other NATO countries.

The Museums example is a practice Missile, filled with concrete and metal ballast to simulate the proper weight of a real Missile It was used for practice loading situations only. The Sea Sparrow is by no means a light weight weapon weighing in at a hefty 553 pounds. It has a range of 15 km. Sea Sparrows are generally housed in launchers that contain 8 weapons. Once the launcher is empty it can be quickly reloaded. The Sea Sparrow is a beam riding weapon, which means that its target must be illuminated for the entire flight of the Missile It homes in on the radar return from the target, therefore, it is not a fire and forget weapon.

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