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The Gift Shop is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily during the season. Our Season runs from Mid-May to Late September.

Be sure to enjoy the many fine aviation paintings in our collection by artist Paul Tuttle

The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum has a gift shop on site offering aviation souvenirs, as well as, a variety of local souvenirs. The Museum’s gift shop is only open during our regular summer hours and is staffed by some of our summer students.

Some of the aviation souvenirs we offer include: books, models, T-shirts, hats, photos and posters. We have a great selection and our prices are reasonable. Please make sure you drop by and visit us.

The gift shop under went renovations during the winter of 1999 – 2000. Renovations included a new permanent wall, complete with locking doors and display space built into the wall. Additional lighting and new carpet were also added.

We wish to thank Pierceys “The Building Material People” for their help and their donation to the Museum. Special thanks to David Amero, Branch Manager at the Windmill Rd Location. As well, glass has been installed in the display nooks in the upper building and four new display nooks, with glass covering the front and the back, are being constructed in the gift shop wall. Thanks to Doug Ordinal for acquiring the glass and Dave McMahon for transporting it to the Museum.

New Lighting has been purchased for the entrance area to improve the look of the home built that is located in this area. As well, it will be used to highlight some of the artifacts, displays and our up coming donor board as well. Lights were purchased from Classic Lighting. Thanks to Scott Porter, Showroom Manager, of the Raddall Ave. location for all his help and the folks at Classic Lighting for their donation to the Museum.

Thanks also goes to Manorhouse Furniture on the Bedford Highway for providing the Museum with a large supply of plastic to cover the carpet and artifacts during the renovations. Thanks to Lawrence Kidd and the staff for all their help and support.

Renovation team members: Danny Price, Steve Jenkins, Barry Rodenhiser, Michael White, Dave McMahon, Thomas Hughes, Kevin Ritter, Ron Cunningham and Rob MacIlreith. As well, many other active members have lent a hand when extra bodies have been needed. A special thanks to each of you that has contributed.

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