November 13, 2012

Mk VI Hudson Aircraft – Restoration

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The Mk VI Hudson was the Royal Air Force designation for the Lend-Lease model A-28A light bomber and maritime reconnaissance aircraft. The Museum’s plane (FK 466, s/n 42-47022, construction number 6942) was one of over 2000 Hudsons delivered to the RAF during W.W. II.

It was taken on strength during 1944 and served with No. 1 Composite Squadron, RCAF, stationed at Torbay Newfoundland. Its gun turret was removed, and it was equipped with a lifeboat for rescue missions. It participated in the successful rescue of a downed B-24 crew in 1945. The fuselage was found languishing in a scrap yard and is believed to be the only surviving Mk VI in existence, in Canada.

Currently this aircraft is in long term storage. It is also not on display to the public at this time. It is planned that at sometime in the future the Museum will restore this valuable aircraft, therefore, we are collecting parts for the aircraft. However, it will be sometime before work begins.

Update Spring of 2011.

The Hudson has now been loaned to CFB Trenton where it will be restored to a Museum Grade Exhibit.

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