CF-101 Voodoo

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Getting it’s 416 Lynx One Anniversary Paint Scheme

Our CF-101 Voodoo, proudly guards the Museum and can be seen from Highway 102. This aircraft (101043) was acquired by the Museum in 1985.  The Voodoo had been in open storage at Halifax International Airport until January 1999, at which time it was moved to its current location. It is the first aircraft visitors see on their way to our Museum. The Voodoo is still painted in it’s 416 Anniversary scheme, as it was when it was retired from CFB Chatham in 1985. Nicknamed “Lynx One”, this scheme was painted on the 101043 as part of the Air Force’s 60th anniversary and to commemorate the end of the Voodoos service with the Armed Forces.
ACAM’s Voodoo was flown from CFB Chatham to Halifax International Airport in 1985. At this time the CAF removed it’s engines and engine mounts. As well, some of the wiring was cut to prevent the aircraft from flying again. The afterburner cans were reattached to the aircraft to make it look complete, without engines. Having been kept in open storage at the airport, its condition has deteriorated. Unfortunately the Museum does not currently possess the hangar space required for the Voodoo. It  is hoped that one day we will be able to properly hangar and preserve this valuable piece of aviation history.

January of 1999, saw 101043 moved from Halifax International to the Museum, late on a Sunday night. Moving the Voodoo to the Museum was no easy feat. It required 3 lifts by a 60 ton crane, provided by ACE Towing, and closing one lane and the on ramp of Highway 102. After a one hour tow from the airport, which included being towed over and under a bridge, the Voodoo was lifted from the highway to the Museum property and placed on display. In it’s current resting position it creates quite a sight when driving past the Museum.

The spring and summer of 1999, work began on cleaning up the cosmetic appearance of the aircraft, including repainting or repairing panels with holes and painting of the aircraft. By the fall, the Highway 102 side of the aircraft was complete with the exception of some small stencil work and painting was begun on the right side of the aircraft. Painting of the aircraft was completed in the summer of 2000. While the aircraft looks much better repainted some minor work continues to be done until such time that the aircraft can be placed inside under cover permanently.

On display outside our museum entrance

Flying In Formation



Special thanks go to ACE Towing, IMP Aero Shell and Ocean Contracting for helping with the relocation of the Voodoo 101043 to the Museum. As well thanks go to Nova Scotia Power for lighting up our Voodoo at night. It looks spectacular in the dark!

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