Ercoupe 415C

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ACAM’s Ercoupe is a 415C which was built in 1946. It was imported into Ontario in 1968 from the United States. In early 1975 the aircraft was brought to New Brunswick and later it was moved to the Greenwood Airport in Nova Scotia. It was purchased by the Museum in 1988 and restored.

It is currently painted white with blue stripes and registered CF-LAK, it’s final registration when the museum purchased it. During the summer of 2000 CF-LAK was mounted on posts in the lower hanger. Mounting the 415C freed up some floor space in the hanger. Our Ercoupe is currently the only model on display in a Museum in Atlantic Canada that we know of.

In 1937 Erco began designing a new two seat, low wing aircraft. It would be conventionally built with an all metal fuselage. However, it would have a few features that were considered unusual for the time such as: the tail mounted on top of the fuselage with twin vertical stabilizers and  tricycle landing gear.

By 1940 the design had been approved and had gone into production. As early as April of that year, 100 had already been sold. However, production was stopped to support the war effort. After World War II, production was restarted. In early 1946 as many as 30 Ercoupes were coming off the production line a day. At year’s end 4,400  had been built when the C model production ended. The D model started production in 1947. The last production version of the Ercoupe, the 415H ended in 1969.

Specifications for the Ercoupe 415C:

Span: 30 feet 1 inch
Length: 20 feet 2 inches
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Wing Area: 142 square feet
Max Takeoff Weight: 1260 lb
Max Speed: 117 mph
Ceiling: 14,500 feet
Range: 400 miles

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