Silver Dart Replica

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On display in our newly renovated Silver Dart Gallery


The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum is very proud to display an excellent Replica of the Silver Dart. Built by Gordan McRae of Baddeck, Nova Scotia, with the help of the 75th Anniversary Committee. This was the second Silver Dart Replica that Mr. McRae and his team built. Their first replica eventually found  its way into the RAF Museum in Hendon, England but has since been acquired by the Reynolds Alberta Museum. There have been other replicas built by other teams as well.

Mr. McRae and his team built the replica from the original Bell drawings, which are owned by the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, in Baddeck. The replica is a fine display of craftsmanship right down to the last stitch. The engine was reproduced from wood to save weight and not strain the frame over its display life. However, to look at the engine one cannot tell that it is wood, the construction is so exact.

The replica has appeared in the movie: “The Sound and the Silence”. It’s only flight was during the filming of the movie where it was tethered and towed by a pick up truck.

The Silver Dart Replica was acquired by the Museum in the fall of 1993 and is displayed on posts  above the CF-104 Starfighter. The Museum had to reconstruct the replica in the air on scaffold in order to place the Silver Dart in its current location. By placing the Silver Dart over the CF-104 Starfighter it demonstrates what a remarkable change had occurred in aviation during it’s first 45 years. From bridles and braces to Mach 2.

By 2004, plans were beginning to take shape for changes and upgrades in the Silver Dart Gallery and in the winter of 2005 our team began changing exhibit panels and upgrading infrastructure in the Gallery for our celebration of the Silver Dart’s 100 Year Anniversary in 2009. In the Fall of 2007 a formal overhaul plan for the entire Gallery was in place and fundraising and changes had begun.


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