Silver Dart Gallery Project

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Silver Dart Gallery Renovations

Background: Planning for the Gallery Renovation began in the Fall of 2006. Over 500 man-hours have been spent identifying the Museum’s needs in the Silver Dart Gallery and planning the best method to meet those needs in an economical and achievable manner.

Our main goal is to update and modernize the exhibits and infra-structure in the Silver Dart Gallery. This Gallery has not seen major work since the Museum opened. It is very tired and in need of major work. New Lighting, Carpet, cabinets are needed. The T-33 Cockpit will be removed from this Gallery to improve the flow and increase educational exhibit space.

Silver Dart Gallery Renovations


This photo shows part of the Silver Dart Gallery in the Fall of 2006. The Mezzanine level was updated in 2005. New cabinets, lighting and carpet are a small part of our renovation. This area will be our teams focus during the winter of 2007-2008.

Fundraising: As with any “not-for-profit” group, fundraising is a major issue for the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum. The total projected $50,000 budget for this project significantly exceeds our operating budget. Therefore, we are asking for contributions from the public and the membership.

Please note: Tax Receipts will be issued!

Download our Donation Form Here

Click here to see our 2009 Floor Plan for the Silver Dart Gallery 

Carpet Fundraising:

We have projected the carpet replacement in the Gallery at $14,280. In order to raise these funds, we have broken the Gallery down into 408 Square Yards and are asking for $35.00 donations to cover the cost of each yard. This cost covers, concrete repairs, carpet cost and installation.

Exhibit Fundraising:

Exhibit replacement has been averaged out, including new infrastructure such as cabinets, lighting, signage etc to cost $1,500 for each. Donations can be made to the General Exhibit Fund or can be earmarked for a certain exhibit. As these exhibits are completed donors will be recognized with that exhibit or will be recognized at the Gallery enterance if the contributed to the General Fund. Exhibit Fundraising requires $35,720 of donations.

Fundraising Update   Last Updated March 28th, 2008

  • Exhibit Donations Required = $35,720.00
  • Carpet Donations Required = $14,280.00
  • Exhibit Donations Received =  $5,440.00
  • Carpet Donations Received =  $7,466.00

Silver Dart Gallery Renovation Supporters and Sponsors


Last Updated March 28th, 2008

The Museum wishes to acknowledge and thank the following organizations and individuals that have donated to the Silver Dart Gallery Renovation Program. Thank you for your Support!

If you would like to add your name or corporation to this list, click here to download a donation form.



Exhibit Development Donations:

  • Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Halifax International Airport Authority
  • Clearwater Fine Foods
  • Rob and Jodie MacIlreith
  • W. Quigley
  • Jim McCombe
  • Frank Honey
  • Bob Graham
  • Sherry Richardson
  • James Bond
  • Your Name Here

Carpet Square Donations:

  • Michael White (Emera)
  • Quality Airport Hotel
  • Joe MacDonald
  • Chebucto Ford Dealership
  • J.R. Eisener Contracting Limited
  • Frank MacLoon
  • Graeme Hicks
  • Joe Mason
  • Rob and Jodie MacIlreith
  • HRM – Krista Snow (Councillor)
  • Ken Estabrooks
  • Bill Leeming
  • Kevin McMahon
  • Mountainview and Eastbay Complex (Regional Gliding School)
  • Randy Boutilier
  • Down East Hospitality Inc (Tim Hortons)
  • MicMac Fire and Safety
  • Father Craig Botterill
  • Gary McMahon
  • James Bond
  • Peter Miller
  • Jason Crowell
  • Peter Austin-Smith
  • Sherry Richardson
  • Bob Graham
  • Chris McVeigh
  • Jim McCombe
  • Ron Cunningham
  • Joyce Pitchner
  • R. Purdue
  • “Inn on the Lake” AGM Raffle
  • June Bruce
  • Brant Laidler
  • Bryce Coyle
  • David Youle
  • Hubert Morgan
  • Clifford Sherman
  • J.D. Havill
  • John Heard
  • Lawrence Gordon
  • Robert Dickison
  • Robert MacDormand
  • Warren Quigley
  • Your Name Here 



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