November 10, 2012

New Aviation Themed Novel

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Museum member and volunteer Michael White has just recently published a novel. It features a picture of a C-5 Galaxy on the front and is called “What else can go wrong?”

The story follows the aircraft and crew as they leave the USA on a covert mission to somewhere in Europe. Out over the Atlantic Ocean they are hit by something and lose both engines on the starboard side. On the approach to Shearwater air base in Nova Scotia, they lose a third engine and crash into a power plant.

A minor car accident, bad weather, problems with the airplane, tension between crew members, a returning satelite, a sleepy shut down airbase trying to get ready for a large aircraft in trouble with only 30 minutes warning.

All this and more

“What else can go wrong?”

The book is available from OR can be ordered from your favourite book store.

For those of you who live near enough, copies are also carried in the museum gift shop.

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