The Canadian government has invited various people from the aerospace industries as well as all other interested companies to apply for STTC or the Strategic Transport Tanker Capability project.

The Procurement and Public Services in Canada posted the announcement on the public Sell and Buy website last February 12. This is the first step in the three-phase procurement process to replace RCAF or the Royal Canadian air force CC-150 airlift strategic fleet.

However, the duration of the invitation to apply for STTC already closed last February 26. This was done to identify respondents who qualify the project’s core requirements, especially in terms of security, before moving to the phase tender.

As soon as the qualified supplier set is established, the Canadian Air Force will automatically review and improve the projects’ requirements. These are done before developing a draft proposal that will be implemented by the end of 2021.

The review phase mentioned earlier is intended to serve as a collaboration procedure. This may include interactions like one-on-one sessions, workshops, confidential meetings, and written Q&A sessions. The third phase, the formal RFP, should be done by early 2022 or late 2021.

While the entire process implies only top-qualified suppliers should be invited to pass bids, the nation still reserves the right to evaluate all aspects of the supplier qualifications anytime during the procurement process.

The RCAF has also been seeking a multifunctional role platform that should be configured for refueling, strategic public transport, personal airlift, freight movement, and aeromedical evacuations.

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